Our designs are not stickers or flat designs. They are meticulously carved out graphics with a visible and palpable depth.

The latest Plasma Technology allows us to develop any design, leaving a clearly visible and palpable depth. This is where Creadoor products get their unique character from. This technology turns our doors, furniture and wall systems into genuine works of art that decorate our customers’ homes and apartments.

The foundations of these graphics are usually wooden, veneered or varnished surfaces. The design itself can be painted in any color of the RAL or NCS color palettes. Thanks to modern varnish coatings we can also give our products a unique soft flock texture or the texture and color of chrome and rust or metals such as brass.

Innovative technology of altering wood structure


The products are tailor-made, comply with our design or external designer’s design.

The foundation of our door is well-selected and seasoned pinewood used to make the entire door structure: leaf frame, its filling and door frame. The external layer is lacquered-finished or veneer-finished HDF. The door is manufactured in the non-rebated door system, which lets us place the door leaf in one plane with door frame trims. This in turn helps us made wall structures with “hidden” door.
As a rule our doors are equipped with top-quality hidden hinges and magnetic locks.

Thanks to the use of reverse system in the door, we can have both a door opening outwards and inwards on the same plane, thus forming a uniform surface. Furniture and wall panels are made of top-quality carpentry materials. They are finished with any veneer or lacquer of a specific gloss (matt, semi-gloss, gloss). With regard to upholstered items, it is possible to use a material specified by the customer.

Express your personality with Creadoor technology

Plasma laser technology ™