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Top-quality modernity. Internal wooden door based on the non-rebated system with hidden hinges and magnetic lock. A wooden structure of the door and frame make the door stable throughout the year, even when the air humidity changes. The door leaf in the closed position is faced with frame trims to form a smooth plane. The door is available in any natural or modified veneer as well as lacquered with dye color from the RAL or NCS standard. You can also choose a glazed door leafs.


The stylized door is a perfect combination of classics and modernity. An ornamented leaf fitted on the wooden smooth door frame is a perfect choice for both modern and classic interiors. In terms of its style, the non-rebated door reflects chic and elegant classic interiors. Upon request we can prepare any model of the stylized door. Please see three examples of our door.


A wooden door with a pattern are based on the non-rebated system and have fantastic 3D design made in accordance with the latest Creadoor plasma technology. You can feel free to place any kind of graphic designs on the door and our graphic designers will help you choose a suitable pattern. Have a look, fall in love and invite us to your house.


The hidden-frame door system, also referred to as the frameless system, lets you mount a door leaf in one plane with the wall and you do not have to cover the wall with panels. Thanks to aluminum frame mounted at the construction stage, the leaf is in one plane with the wall when closed, which makes the leaf unnoticeable.

Possible variants of finish:

  • construction paint
  • dye varnish from RAL/NCS standard
  • wallpaper
  • mirror
  • veneer
  • structural concrete


If lack of sufficient space in your flat prevents you from using a classic door, the sliding solution is a perfect choice. Thanks to this, you can avoid collision of the leaf with other doors or items through sliding the door leaf into the wall (hidden door sliding system) or moving the door leaf on the wall (wall sliding system). If you choose the wall system, you should make a decision whether the guide of the leaf is visible or not. Magic sliding system makes the impression that sliding door goes left.

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