Integrated Wall System

Integrated Wall System is our flagship product. Their task is to create a uniform decorative plane on the surface of the wall in the greatest extent possible. The Structures may include internal doors, wall panels and furniture fronts. The Structure may be decorative thanks to its design and at the same time accommodate furniture and door which are invisible at first sight.

Veneered structure

A veneered structure is composed of elements which form a flat wooden wall. A suitable positioning of the veneer on particular elements of the Structure makes the impression that the surface is uniform. Our customers may feel free to choose from a hundred of domestic and exotic natural veneers and modified in three finish types: matt, semi-gloss and full gloss.

Lacquered structure

A lacquered structure does not differ from the veneer structure in terms of its construction. The only difference is a form of the finish. These structures are painted with any lacquer from the range of RAL or NCS colors. We are also capable of adapting the color to the existing element even if we do not know its symbol. The structures in covering color are available in 3 finish variants: matt, semi-gloss and full gloss.

Stylized structure

It is a perfect composition for classic interiors. A modern solution in the form of hidden non-rebated door with invisible hinges and magnetic lock go well with a decorative style of the classic interior. A combination of classics and top-class modernity. GLAMOUR structures are available in two finish variants: in dye varnish or soft FLOCK.

Upholstered structure

Due to diversity of upholstered materials and freedom of upholstery forms, these Structures are very popular with our customers. The upholstery warms the room up while free selection of colors and structures of the materials makes the upholstered structures perform well in any interior. The reverse door system used for this kind of structures serves to face a door leaf with the external side to form a smooth upholstered wall whereas the door leaf opens inwards another room.

Zabudowa ryflowana

Zabudowa ryflowana swój oryginalny charakter zawdzięcza technologii wykonania, która polega na równoległym ułożeniu pojedynczych drewnianych listewek. Technika ta dostarcza niecodziennych doznań estetycznych: powierzchnia staje się dynamiczna i kontrastująca. Dzięki precyzji wykonania i doskonałej jakości użytych materiałów uzyskujemy efektowną strukturę, która sama w sobie staje się mocnym, designerskim elementem wyróżniającym nasze wnętrza.

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