We proudly present one of our latest realisations: “House in the middle of the forest”. This is a demonstration of our skills not only in the field interior doors. Creadoor is also unconventional exclusive furniture that combines the classic, the modern and fascination with the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

The 3D graphical pattern fits perfectly with the view outside the window as well as the residents’ love of nature. The well-liked owl theme can also be found in the form of a wall lamp, made to the special order of the youngest resident. An upholstered platform with a place to sleep brought a lot of unhidden joy. It is perfect for both play and rest. When you look at the pictures, even more things will delight you…

Beautiful house design, thoughtful interior design (by the Nasciturus design studio), and finally our realisation with attention to every detail.  Delighting investors is our specialty!