About us


…Is a Polish brand of interior doors, furniture and integrated wall systems adorned with 3D graphics.

We combine the traditional art of manufacturing wooden doors and furniture with modern woodworking technology and excellent design. Our production team has more than 30 years of experience, which allows us – the designers – to comfortably merge experience with innovation. The letter C in our logo stands for much more than just furniture and doors, Creadoor is above all made by people – a group of enthusiasts from Warsaw who had decided to create the perfect product. The team is composed of outstanding specialists, graphic artists, interior designers as well as excellent craftsmen. We have created a brand that combines the best of both worlds: design and the newest technologies as well as the traditional art of manufacturing based on experience and noble woodworking technique. The combination of these two seemingly different professions has created a product that has never been seen before: tailor-made doors, wall installations and furniture - all decorated with unique 3D graphics.


The graphics that can match every interior. Through our graphic designs you can show who you are and where your passions and preferences lie. One image is worth more than a thousand words. Whether you are just now discovering the world of art or are already a connoisseur, your life will get brighter with Creadoor!

Do you consider yourself unique? Do you want to create your own graphic design on your wall, your door or on any other piece of furniture designed for you? Visit or contact us and we will prepare a design for you that you won’t encounter anywhere else, we guarantee you! With us, anyone can tell their story.

Express your personality with Creadoor technology

Plasma laser technology ™


Aiming at perfection, you have to work with unique people. This is a team of artists who create the world of Creadoor to turn your homes into true pieces of art.

Kamil Konstanty

The head designer in our team. A graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His interiors combine functionality and beauty and are made with passion. Since he intends to learn and understand investors’ needs, his designs are timeless and reflect their original nature.

Martin Coliss

A graphic designer, general designer and amateur photographer. A graduate of European Academy of Art in the faculty of graphics. He has been dealing with designing for 17 years. He cooperates with many leading brands from Poland and abroad. His specialization is creations for commercial brand communication.

Lech Bator

Born in 1986. An artist who has been designing and creating since he was a child. During his studies at the European Academy of Art in Warsaw he had an opportunity to develop and master his skills under watchful eyes of Polish outstanding artists, such as Franciszek Starowieyski and Antoni Fałat.

Ha Duong

Born in Vietnam, a student of art and architecture. In his portraits, he uses vivid and bright colors or black-and-white sketches to express human emotions. He loves life, nature and travels which inspire him just like human emotions.