Integrated wall systems with 3D graphics

Why choose Creadoor? Because your home can look different! Don’t you ever think that all beautiful homes look the same? They are all filled with the few latest trends and the same interior solutions.

The house looks as if it were an exclusive hotel. It is beautiful and stylish… but it has no character.

Decorating your own space is not an easy task, everyone who has ever attempted it can tell you that: you come up with a concept and a project and find a construction crew, there are all kinds of installations and then finally the finishing touches. You finally walk into your dream home and realize that there is something missing in this beautiful interior. Even though the house has everything it needs to be beautiful, it feels like there is something missing: a personal touch.

How do you bring a piece of you into the place where you will spend the next years of your life?

Zintegrowane Zabudowy Ścienne z grafiką 3D

A place for us.

The Creadoor integrated wall systems are a product that will distinguish your home from hundreds of other beautiful - but identical - houses. Your home is your safe space, but it also represents who you are as a person. It will be the backdrop for important events and important decisions. It is here that you will invite people who will want you to tell them about yourself.

With our help you will be able to create an interior that will tell your story. You will be able to create a space through which you can express your passions, your interests, your achievements and your dreams.

Tell us your story, show us who you are and allow us to create a project that will show who the owner of the house is.

Express yourself.

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Is a Polish brand of interior doors, furniture
and integrated wall systems adorned with 3D graphics.


Innovative way of altering wood structure.


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